You are an airline representative, a museum or a private person with a wish to have something to remind you of a special plane you have flown on? Alexander Boisdron offers his services to make the aerography of your choice from a blank pattem.

The representative will be as exact as possible, with structural lines, markings, colours and eventually special livery. The ideal thing to retain the memory of a plane bearing anniversary decorations for example, or to promote it through prints, to decorate an enthusiast's office or to illustrate the project of a new livery.

The aerography can consist of the aircraft profile only or come in one of the following varieties.


cta* Aircraft profile + airline logo (or squadron insignia for instance)



airdeccan*Aircraft profile + buildingazal



a320*Aircraft profile + landscape (e.g. one of the airline's destinations)



a340* Modern and older aircraft profiles in parallel

caravelle* Aircraft profile with a part of it in background (scale one).

wings* poster réalisation for "Wings for Sciences".